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OneAccess – Voice Routers

Deliver hybrid access branch-office router for converged services

High-performance data routers combined with high-density VoIP gateways and embedded SBC solution. Ideal for smooth migration to full-IP solutions and Unified Communication networks.

All-IP Migration Enabler

The VoIP software benefits from 10+ years of continuous OneAccess development in its carrier-grade signalling and DSP technology. The software has been field-proven against many operators’ SIP trunk flavours and PBX. In addition to providing numerous configuration options to adapt to local requirements, the voice software includes many built-in troubleshooting tools to support end-users cost-effectively and quickly.
The optional eSBC license enables the connection of IP phones for hosted communication services. Alternatively, the eSBC software enables the migration of end-customers upgrading their communication systems with a SIP trunk. In that case, the OneAccess technology ensures a transparent migration from a TDM-based PBX to SIP. Protecting the SIP network throughout this transition enables service providers to promote SIP trunking at lower cost and thus to protect customer loyalty or to reduce the churn.

Integration with Today’s and Next Generation OSS

Industry-standard MIBs, TR-069 client and Command Line Interface (CLI) enable a swift integration with incumbent management systems and a short learning curve for operational teams. The OneAccess software OneOS6 provides one of the most complete NETCONF implementations on the market. NETCONF enables a gain in service agility for service providers, as the transactional nature of NETCONF greatly accelerates the programming of the provisioning flows. Therefore, OSS vendors have been driven to support this protocol to deal with Network Function Virtualization (NFV). And OneOS6 is ready today for a swift migration to new management platforms.

Key Take Aways

Proven and powerful

Combined Voice gateway & SBC with support for SIP IPv4/v6. Interworking with Voice over IP, Fax over IP, legacy devices.

Fixed & wireless WAN in 1 box

Fiber, DSL and wireless LTE access can be combined in a single box for redundant network access.

OneOS6 software for all

Carrier-grade high performance business services and foundation for virtualized business services

Meet the family

OneAccess - One526

The ONE526 meet the evolution of broadband access with more commoditised fibre connectivity and higher-speed VDSL enabled by vectoring and bonding. The packet forwarding engine delivers premium performance to address these new frontiers in WAN throughputs, even when combining multiple WAN links. The ONE526 supports hybrid access scenarios like fibre offload over VDSL or LTE. Combined BRI/FXS ports, embedded SBC and 200Mbps IP services over Fiber, ADSL2+/VDSL2 for the SMB/SME market. It combines dual-pair VDSL, fibre and LTE for hybrid access and service continuity with optional state-of-the-art Wifi (dual-concurrent radio, 802.11ac). It is ideal for 50 users, requiring a mix of ISDN, FXS and IP-based communication.
One526 - Hybrid Access Branch-Office Router
One526 - Hybrid Access Branch-Office Router

OneAccess - One1526

The modular design of the On1526 enables fine-tuning the service offering from less demanding markets to enterprise needs. For that reason, the ONE1526 can provide advanced services such as routing protocols and redundancy management, advanced security, application visibility and control. Combined PRI/FXS ports, embedded SBC and 200Mbps IP services over Fiber, ADSL2+/VDSL2 for hybrid access and service continuity, with optional state-of-the-art Wifi (dual-concurrent radio, 802.11ac) The One1526 is Ideal for up to 300 users, requiring a mix of ISDN, FXS and IP-based communication.

OneAccess - One2515

With industry-leading hardware scalability and software flexibility, OneAccess Networks enables the next generation of advanced services for small-medium businesses (SMBs) and enterprises with the ONE2515 multi-service router and integrated gateway. The ONE2515 enables high bandwidth delivery and high availability services to SMBs and enterprises.
The ONE2515 provides up to 1 Gbps routing performance (with services turned on) and an embedded powerful ISDN voice gateway to aggregate up to 4 PRI ports and up to 24 FXS. It offers a range of software feature options, including ONeSBC and application performance management. Offering the highest level of feature integration, customers can realise a significant Total Cost of Ownership advantage through both CAPEX and OPEX savings while continuing to meet the evolving communication needs of the SMB and enterprise.
The ONE2515 is a fully managed solution with advanced provisioning and network management tools, including Command Line Interface (CLI) and TR-069 auto-provisioning. The ONE2515 running OneOS6 provides a complete NETCONF implementation to support Network Function Virtualization (NFV).
Efficient, low-cost deployment is realised using auto-discovery and configuration for simplified installation and maintenance. Once installed and connected to the network, the ONE2515 can automatically retrieve its required configuration for fast, low-touch service provisioning.

One2515 Gigabit Multiservice Router
One2515 Gigabit Multiservice Router

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