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Actelis: GL6040x Ruggedised 36-Port 10Gb Ethernet Switch

Industrial Ethernet Switch with 10Gb uplink

The GL6040X Ethernet switch from Actelis Networks® is a hardened, fibre-fed switch that supports up to 36 high-speed gigabit interfaces.

The GL6040X product line is part of Actelis’ family of switching products designed for industrial, intelligent traffic network, surveillance, pipeline and utility applications. Complementing the ML684Dx, which supports both bonded copper and fibre, and switches in the ML510D family, the GL6040X is a cost-optimised, fibre-fed only unit supporting multiple Gigabit Ethernet connections that allow multiple sensors or cameras at various locations to be connected in MSTP/RSTP/STP mesh or Fast healing ring configurations.

High-Density Aggregation for
Growing Fibre Networks

The GL6040X offers full Ethernet switching capabilities, supporting Four 10GE SFP ports for connection to the core network and 32 client ports on each device. The GL6040X is ideal for deployment in any environment, including non-air-conditioned locations.

The GL6040X can also support L3 functionality, including Static Routing, RIP, OSPF and VRRP, which is available in the GL6040XR variant.

With redundant power inputs and a robust, field-proven design, the unit is protected against over-voltage and over-current conditions, ensuring high reliability and trouble-free operation.

Interoperable with any standard Ethernet switch, router or hub, the GL6040X seamlessly integrates into any Ethernet network. Equipped with 8 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet interfaces, 24 GE SFP ports, and four 10GE Small Form Factor (SFP+) ports, the GL6040X allows a service or customer per port assignment.

GL6040X Ruggedised 26 Port Switch
GL6040X Ruggedised 26 Port Switch

Key Take Aways

10Gb Uplinks

Ultrafast 10Gbps uplinks to the core network for up to 32 client ports


comprehensive mechanisms that include high level authentication and advanced encryption capabilities

High Availability

Industrial design for a wide range of temperatures, over-volt and over-current protection and redundant power supplies


  • Industrial Design – Harsh environments, wide temperature range compact IP30
  • Flexible Network Redundancy – RSTP, MSTP, ERPS, LACP
  • Advanced Traffic Management – QoS/CoS/DSCP, WRR/SPQ Queuing, Storm Protection
  • L2 wire-speed switching, 12K Jumbo frames
  • Multicasting – IGMP Snooping – v1/v2/v3, up to 4096 groups
  • Advanced Security: IEEE 802.1x, RADIUS & TACACS+
  • SNMP v1/v2c/v3
  • Easy Deployment / Configuration – USB storage, configuration-free replacement
  • Industrial automation protocols Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP
  • Superior Reliability and Availability

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