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Consultancy & Design

Consultancy is often the first step when working with Kenton. From GIS planning, risk assessments to low-level design and post-roll-out training/handover. Kenton’s technicians help inform and support project teams across various issues, including configuration, planning, business processes, training and more.

Our teams help speed up the identification and implementation of improvement suggestions during project planning and rollout.  Working together, we help customers achieve faster times to revenue whilst adhering to industry best practices.

Product R&D

Complex projects often require unique and innovative solutions to environmental / network design challenges.  We regularly work with customers to solve these challenges through the design of bespoke solutions or enhanced adaptation/hardening of existing manufacturer’s platforms. 

Our in-house R&D has designed and built many solutions, including bespoke VoIP platforms, specialist signalling equipment for Rail, hardened IIoT platforms for Utilities, adapted off-the-shelf platforms for Global Carriers and much more. Throughout the process, we support you in getting the final products accredited.  We have had many products accredited with BT, IP rated for environmental purposes or accepted by Network Rail Assurance Panel (NRAP) and more.

Planning & Design

Kenton Technical Architects assist with the design and build of market-leading, outcome-driven solutions. Whether you’re looking for support for a single solution to out-of-the-ordinary customer requirements or want to create an easily repeatable configuration, rollout and management plan, we ensure that you achieve an appropriate and competitive solution.

You can engage our team as an extension to your own when presenting to customers or continue as independent external resources meaning you can bid for complex projects you may otherwise miss. 

Solution Engineering

Composed of expertly qualified, certified engineers, our solution team is available with everything from short-term tactical requirements to strategic projects. It can become an extended resource to build into long-term service design.

It’s impractical to think of becoming skilled in every solution or resource to guarantee you always have the technical capacity. Our consultant assists by filling skills gaps and offering your team a highly credible extension or alternative.

Customers can buy on hourly or daily rates or work on a project basis for more complex engagements.

Project Support

Delivering on-time and on-budget projects can be a challenge.  You can access cost-effective project management and delivery professionals using Kenton project support. Accessing our team enables customers to deliver these resources and tools at a flexible and predictable cost.

Always working in partnership with clients, our Project Support services complement partners’ services in enabling them to deliver a fully defined project lifecycle service offering.

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