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Smartoptics -SO-CFP-LPC-DWDM


The SO-CFP-LPC-DWDM is a high performance DWDM transceiver that utilizes DP-QPSK coherent modulation and an advanced dispersion compensation technique that provides equal or better chromatic and polarization mode (CM/PMD) tolerance as a 10Gbps channel. The 100Gbps wavelength can thus be injected into an existing 10Gbps DWDM link without any changes to the optical network. The SO-CFP-LPC-DWDM is used on the line side of the Smartoptics DCP-101 Transponder module. See separate datasheet for further information.

The module includes a high-performance DSP (Digital Signal Processor) to code and decode the coherent signal and an OTU4 framer/deframer into which the 100G Ethernet signal is mapped to provide the necessary long-haul transmission performance via FEC (Forward Error Correction).

The optical performance provides a bridgeable distance of up to 2400km (without in-line dispersion compensation) for 100GbE. The unit is tunable and supports 50GHz or 6.25GHz ITU-T grid between 191.25 – 196.10THz and later also in flex-grid channel configurations in the DCP-Series.

SO-CFP-LPC-DWDM includes mechanical characteristics are compliant with the CFP MSA specifications.
• Compliant with CAUI-10 100G Ethernet signaling
• Low latency Soft-Decision Forward Error Correction (SD-FEC) without post-FEC error floor
• Compliant to CFP MSA Hardware Specification 1.0 with modifications
• Compliant to CFP MSA Management Interface Specification 2.4 with modifications

The SO-CSFP-1000BASE-BX20D-53-O2 is a CSFP (Compact SFP) transceiver where both ports are bi-directional| i.e. providing

CFP-DCO LP 100G DWDM 50GHz 2400km

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