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Zhone Unveils New VDSL2 Vectoring Card at FTTH

Zhone Technologies Unveils New VDSL2 Vectoring Card at FTTH London

Global leader in FTTx network access solutions adds MXK VDSL2 48-port line card

Oakland, CA — February 19, 2013 — Zhone Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZHNE), a global leader in FTTx network access solutions, today announced that it has expanded its MXK Multi-Service Access Platform to include the new MXK VDSL2 48-port line card, which will be launched at FTTH Conference 2013, London (February 19- 21; Zhone booth S15). The new vectoring card gives operators the ability to take advantage of VDSL2 vectoring for fiber-like speeds over current copper infrastructure. While speeds vary, VDSL2 can deliver asymmetric and symmetric aggregate data rates up to 200 Mbps downstream and upstream on twisted copper pairs.

The emergence of VDSL2 vectoring provides great opportunity for service provides across the globe and will be a topic of focus at this year’s FTTH Conference taking place in London. According to a recent report by RVA, the annual direct investment in FTTH networks will reach 4.7 billion dollars by 2017 and total investment in FTTH over the next five years will be 18 billion dollars. Main drivers for this include: the delivery of multiple HDTV channels, second screen viewing, and the ever-increasing popularity of video sharing. This creates mounting pressure on traditional asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL)-based access networks to meet the rapidly growing bandwidth demand – which account for approximately two-thirds of broadband subscriber lines worldwide.

Zhone’s VDSL2 vectoring card is a high-density high-bandwidth module for the MXK 819/823 and MXK 319 chassis and provides a viable solution for operators looking to provide competitive download and upload speeds. The Broadcom-based card supports up to profile 17a, as well as ADSL2 fallback, link bonding and vectoring and ADSL compatibility, allowing service providers to provide both VDSL and ADSL service.

“Vectoring enables millions of households and workplaces to have fiber-like speed over copper lines,” said Brian Caskey, chief marketing officer at Zhone. “The high performance levels seen through the latest VDSL2 cards increase bandwidth and give operators the means to address competitive and regulatory challenges, while they prepare their networks for the migration to fiber.”

In a recent report on VDSL2 and vectoring, Broadbandtrends forecasts that 27 percent of all cumulative VDSL2 ports will be vectored by the year 2017. EMEA represents the largest opportunity with 45 million VDSL2 ports.

In addition to providing high-speed downloads and uploads, VDSL2 vectoring also identifies crosstalk interference and records findings in a Channel Crosstalk Matrix at the Vectoring Control Entity (VCE). Utilising noise and interference cancelling DSP technology, the solution eliminates the most dominant disturber – self Far End Crosstalk (self-FEXT). Self-FEXT cancellation techniques are particularly beneficial with short cable lengths, less than one km. Any VDSL2 line in the vector group can operate as if it were the only active line in the binder group.

Zhone’s FiberHome portfolio of products and solutions, which includes the MXK platform, fulfills the network requirements of both international and domestic customers’ broadband expansion efforts for residential users. Additionally, growing opportunities in business services delivery provide ongoing prospects for Zhone to further globally deploy the MXK with the company’s FiberLAN solution.

For more information about Zhone’s MXK solution or to learn more about its various applications, including VDSL vectoring, please visit Zhone at booth S15 during the FTTH Conference 2013 in London.

About Zhone Technologies

Zhone Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZHNE) is a global leader in all IP multi-service access solutions, serving more than 750 of the world’s most innovative network operators. The IP Zhone is the only solution that enables service providers to build the network of the future…today, supporting end-to-end Voice, Data, Entertainment Social Media, Business, Mobile Backhaul and Mobility service. Zhone is committed to building the fastest and highest quality All IP Multi-Service solution for its customers. Zhone is headquartered in California and its products are manufactured in the USA in a facility that is emission, waste-water and CFC free.

The Kenton Group are a distributor of Zhone Technologies products. For more information on The Kenton Group’s products and services contact +44(0)1322 552000 or email

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