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Zhone Technologies Launches FiberBuilder

New solution provides superior density for mobile back-haul and switch-to-switch trunking

Oakland, CA — September 24, 2013 — Zhone Technologies, Inc., a global leader in FTTx network access solutions, today announced the launch of the Zhone FiberBuilder, the newest addition to its robust MXK product line. Zhone’s FiberBuilder provides high-density LTE mobile backhaul, MXK Global IntraLink switch-to-switch trunking and 1GE/10GE Access Aggregation delivering essential advances in access networking while meeting carrier-class requirements for multi-service hardware and software. Zhone’s sophisticated solution provides a high quality, cost-effective experience for subscribers while enabling ease of management in network operation.

Demands on access networks are increasing at an accelerating rate, increasing the need for mobile backhaul solutions. Mobile backhaul refers to alternate wireless routes for network data transmission when normal routes are inaccessible, requiring a truly scalable architecture.

Zhone’s FiberBuilder provides operators with superior density for LTE mobile backhaul and switch-to-switch trunking. The hardware includes two new MXK high-bandwidth uplink cards, which enable operators to offer superior high-bandwidth services in a variety of network designs with a wide range of available service types and features. Additionally, the uplink cards provide full card and network redundancy. If a card or network failover occurs, the standby card will take over instantly without dropping any calls. Lastly, a critical feature for service providers today, Zhone’s FiberBuilder reduces the cost of expensive 1GE and 10GE interfaces, enabling service providers to significantly reduce cost and network management requirements by supporting dense 1GBE and 10GBE terminations in the same multifunction, multi-service system. FiberBuilder supports up to 56 – 1GBE interfaces and up to 14 – 10GBE interfaces in the same compact, dense form factor, ideal for access aggregation.

“Zhone’s portfolio meets the diverse needs of service providers by providing a highly scalable platform and full-featured support for VoIP, data and video services,” said Brian Caskey, chief marketing officer at Zhone Technologies. “Zhone’s FiberBuilder brings together a unique combination of products enabling operators to deliver advances for residential triple play and high-bandwidth business services over any FTTx architecture.”

Zhone’s FiberBuilder is an aggregation device that provides front and rear power options, easy fan access, a cable management tray and redundant power feeds. It also provides an Ethernet Automatic Protection switching ring support. Zhone’s FiberBuilder is unique to the market in that Timing Protocols Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) and IEEE 1588v2 (Precision Time Protocols) give the ability to derive clock input from a large range of clocking references along with support for up to 56 x 1GE ports and 14 x 10GE Ports in a small dense form factor while also providing support for 802.1ag.

Zhone continues to provide innovative access solutions, delivering voice, video and data services over copper and fiber.

About Zhone Technologies

Zhone Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZHNE) is a global leader in all IP multi-service access solutions, serving more than 750 of the world’s most innovative network operators.

The IP Zhone is the only solution that enables service providers to build the network of the future…today, supporting end-to-end Voice, Data, Entertainment Social Media, Business, Mobile Backhaul and Mobility service.

Zhone is committed to building the fastest and highest quality All IP Multi-Service solution for its customers.

Zhone is headquartered in California and its products are manufactured in the USA in a facility that is emission, waste-water and CFC free.

The Kenton Group are a distributor of Zhone products. For more information on The Kenton Group’s products and services contact +44(0)1322 552000 or email

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