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Transition Networks Expands Fibre-to-the-Desktop Solutions with Network Interface Cards Supporting M.2 Interface

New NICs Meet Growing Demand for Fibre Connections to Small Form Factor PCs

October 13, 2017 — Transition Networks, Inc., a leading provider of innovative, high-value, data network integration solutions, today announced their new M.2 Fibre Network Interface Cards (NICs) ideal for use in small form factor PCs, such as micros, minis, and thin clients, that do not have space for external PCI or PCIe slots.

Fibre-to-the-desktop (FTTD) is a growing cabling alternative in networks that need utmost security. Fibre cable offers physical-layer security because it can’t be tapped without breaking the connection and alerting the network manager. The M.2 Fibre NIC joins Transition Networks’ wide assortment of PCI, PCIe, PCMCIA and ExpressCard NICs, Scorpion-USB™ Ethernet Fibre Adapters, and copper-to-fibre media converters in providing FTTD connectivity.

Sold as a kit, the solution consists of an M.2 NIC that installs into the small form factor PC’s M.2 interface, a fibre-optic adapter that installs into the PC’s option port, and a flat flex cable (FFC) that connects the NIC to the fibre adapter. The fibre optic adapter is available with a fixed LC connector or SFP options. M.2 Fibre NICs are available for both Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet networks.

“Desktop PCs are being replaced by smaller computing systems, most of which have internal M.2 interfaces but do not have PCI or PCIe slots. Many users still need fibre-based Ethernet access, and without the external PCIe slot, there is no standard fibre interface on these devices,” said GlenNiece Kutsch, Transition Networks Product Manager. “M.2, the next-generation form factor interface, alleviates this problem by allowing the expansion cards to be internally mounted. The M.2 Fibre NIC solutions are already attracting interest from resellers and government agencies that need a secure fibre-to-the desk solution for these small form factor PCs.”

The NICs are fully compliant with IEEE 802.3-2012 and are available for 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps data rate networks. Design may vary by PC, so please contact us for more information about the M.2 Fibre NICs.

About Transition Networks, Inc.
Transition Networks, Inc. is an industry leader with 30 years of experience designing data network integration products that deliver the bandwidth, distance and security demanded by today’s networks while future proofing for tomorrow. Offering support for multiple protocols, any interface, and a multitude of hardware platforms, including Hardened Ethernet, Carrier Ethernet, CWDM, 1G/10G Ethernet, SFPs, PoE and PoE+, Transition Networks gives you the power to deliver and manage traffic reliably over fibre in any data network – in any application – in any environment.

The Kenton Group are a distributor of Transition Networks products. For more information please contact us on +44(0)01322 552000 or email

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