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Release of 100G OTN Transponder for Metro networks

Tel Aviv, Israel – July 14, 2013

PacketLight Networks announces the release of PL-1000T, a unique 100G Fiber Media Converter with 100G pluggable optics for both line and client interfaces.

Unlike other 100G solutions, PL-1000T offers a truly integrated 100G solution in 1U. Staying true to PacketLight’s signature design, PL-1000T can be configured with all optical modules needed for providing a complete optical layer infrastructure, such as optical amplifiers which are built in the same 1U chassis offering the smallest and the most integrated 100G transport solution in the industry.

PL-1000T is ideal for affordable 100G applications in Enterprise and campus networks, Data Centre connectivity, high bandwidth cloud infrastructure, and P2P 100G for Metro networks. It is equipped with dual redundant AC PSU, low power consumption and is ready with the smallest commercial 100G client interface, the CFP2.

The PL-1000T operates over existing 10/40G optical networks and can reach up to 400km distance without regeneration. In cases where regeneration is needed, PL-1000T serves as a regenerator providing a seamless extension of the 100G network.

PL-1000T supports the entire range of 100G client optical interfaces including LR4, SR10, LR10 and ER4. It can transport the 100GE client over OTN OTU4 DWDM uplink or transparently convert between the client optical interfaces, thus forming flexible 100G optical networks or transparent 100GE media convertor of any optical interface type.

PL-1000T offers GFEC, the standard based G.709 100G Forward Error Correction (FEC). Additionally, PL-1000T can be managed remotely via either In-band or Out-band Optical Supervisory Channel (OSC).

PacketLight’s easy to use web based management tool as well as PacketLight’s LightWatch™ NMS/EMS systems, allows comprehensive line and service performance monitoring and easy network management

“We designed PL-1000T as a simple solution for 100G connectivity either between data centres or within the data centre. It is a dedicated solution for service providers delivering 100G connectivity as a value add managed service or for enterprises and organisations managing their own infrastructure which require carrier grade feature set and bandwidth and yet a compact and integrated solution. With this product, everyone can have 100G” stated Koby Reshef, PacketLight’s CEO.

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