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RADWIN completes the largest wi-fi onboard trains project in the world‚ Moscow Metro

RADWIN’s FiberinMotion® train-to-ground wireless solution delivers 90 Mbps per train to millions of passengers

London, United Kingdom – RADWIN, the leading provider of train-to-ground wireless communications solutions, today announced the completion of the onboard Wi-Fi deployment for the Moscow Metro. RADWIN’s FiberinMotion® train-to-ground solution was chosen by MaximaTelecom – the system integrator and service provider – to deliver high-speed Wi-Fi services onboard Moscow Metro. The world’s busiest by daily ridership, Moscow Metro serves over 9 million passengers daily. The Wi-Fi services are provided onboard 650 trains and 5000 cars along 600 Km/400 miles of tracks. RADWIN’s train-to-ground solution delivers 90 Mbps per each train.

Boris Volpe, CEO, MaximaTelecom: “We chose RADWIN’s train-to-ground solution because it delivers the optimal combination of high capacity and extensive coverage, significantly reducing the amount of infrastructure required in the tunnels. This ambitious project was completed in just 14 months. Today Moscow Metro passengers download over 45 Terabytes per day, with aggregated capacity continuously on the rise.”

Nir Hayzler, Vice President of Marketing at RADWIN: “Our FiberinMotion® solution is in various stages of deployments worldwide, and we have also concluded successful trials with leading public transport operators in North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Europe.”

Concluded Hayzler: “Providing broadband Wi-Fi onboard trains and metros poses unique challenges, which requires advanced technology as well as an in-depth understanding of the transportation industry’s requirements. Our solution provides the highest capacity in the industry combined with an advanced air-interface, management tools and expert services. This allows us to exactly fulfill public transport operators’ requirements for high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity for trains and metros. ”

RADWIN is a global provider of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions, and the leading FiberinMotion® solution delivering mobile wireless broadband for trains, vehicles and vessels. RADWIN’s solutions are deployed in over 150 countries, fulfilling the needs of operators, enterprises and public transport authorities. RADWIN’s FiberinMotion Train-to-Ground solution is designed for rail and metro operators, powering a range of applications including high-speed WiFi, real-time CCTV, PIS and CBTC with highest net throughput and superior performance.

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