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PacketLight Release Universal Transponder Solution

PacketLight Announces Release of Universal Transponder Solution

PacketLight Networks Ltd, a leading provider of CWDM/DWDM and OTN transport devices for high throughput data, storage, TDM, and video connectivity (, announced today the addition of the next generation high capacity transponder PL-1000TE to its CWDM and DWDM product line. The innovative PL-1000TE, introduces unique, widest range transponder solution supporting any service from 100Mbps up to 16G FC, covering 10G and sub10G services in the same transponder. PacketLight’s solution is unprecedented with its rich carrier grade feature set in a small 1U chassis providing up to 8 low latency, user configurable, multi-rate transponders.

PL-1000TE CWDM/DWDM platform provides maximum flexibility and scalability for fibre optic connectivity. It boasts 8 transponder ports combining a variety of services including GbE, 10GbE, 1/2/4/8/10/16G FC, CPRI, SD/HD-SDI  and STM-1/4/16/64 (OC-3/12/48/192).

PL-1000TE allows customers to start with a mix of low rate services and later expand up to 10G and 16G services by simply adding the needed pluggable optic modules (SFPs, SFP+). This architecture provides true scalability at minimum possible cost.

The PL-1000TE incorporates carrier grade feature set such as remote management, performance monitoring, 1+1 protection, dual and pluggable Power Supply and pluggable Fan unit as well as integrated optical modules such as optical amplifier (EDFA), Optical Switch and Mux/DeMux.

“With its dynamic service combination and range of service types and protocols, PL-1000TE supports true scalability at minimal cost for current and future needs. Unique in its architecture for high capacity reliable, low latency data centre connectivity, PL-1000TE is an ideal solution for multiple CWDM/DWDM applications for carriers and service providers, dark fibre providers, universities, government entities and municipalities, and enterprises” said Koby Reshef, PacketLight’s CEO.

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