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Texas Courthouse Rules that RADWIN 5000 PtMP is the Right Choice!

“RADWIN 5000 Point-to-Multipoint systems solved all our connectivity problems” – Victor Villarreal, IT director, La Salle County

August 26, 2015 – RADWIN, the global provider of sub-6 GHz broadband wireless solutions, today announced that the La Salle county courthouse in Texas, U.S. deployed RADWIN 5000 Point-to-Multipoint radios to connect annex buildings and support bandwidth-intensive data and video applications. Frontera Consulting, a leading system integration firm in Texas and RADWIN’s partner, was in charge of network design and installation.

Victor Villarreal, IT director, La Salle county: “RADWIN 5000 Point-to-Multipoint systems solved all our connectivity problems, delivering dedicated high-capacity to each building site. RADWIN 5000 has a small physical footprint, which met the aesthetic requirements of the historical courthouse, and did so at a price point that offers an easy to achieve ROI.”

Drew Lentz, Solutions Architect, Frontera: “RADWIN 5000 was the perfect fit for this deployment. Quick and easy to install, RADWIN 5000 systems provide a high speed, ultra-reliable connection.”

Dennis Stipati, GM North America, RADWIN: “RADWIN 5000 is the optimal solution for enterprises and government bodies that need to support bandwidth-hungry applications. Our wireless broadband portfolio allows private and public institutions to own and control their network connectivity while eliminating recurring leased lines costs and significantly boosting network throughput.”

RADWIN a leading provider of wireless Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint and FiberinMotion® solutions for wireless broadband-in-motion. RADWIN’s solutions deliver unmatched high-capacity for long ranges. Deployed in over 150 countries, RADWIN’s solutions serve the needs of service providers, mobile carriers, governments, enterprises, public and private security companies and transportation organisations. RADWIN’s solutions power applications including backhaul, broadband access, private network connectivity, video surveillance transmission as well as wireless mobile in motion for trains and metros.


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