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Kenton’s KBR1645 Delivers Bonded High-Speed Access

The Kenton KBR1645 offers Service Providers a cost effective and resilient alternative to fibre when delivering high speed data access to customers.

This is achieved by combining up to four VDSL2 FTTC or ADSL circuits using industry standard Multi Link PPP bonding. MLPPP is a mature bonding protocol that allows dynamic addition and removal of individual links and has low overheads minimising bandwidth wastage. It is well supported in many existing core router platforms, which can help to make deployment of new bonded services easy and fast.

“Providing customers with high speed data access enables users to harness the benefits of the cloud and to prioritise critical data and services with true Quality of Service.”

The current limited footprint and high cost of Fibre to the Premise solutions can make them unsuitable or unavailable in many locations. Conversely, the rise in availability of new ‘wires-only’ VDSL2 based FTTC services has presented new opportunities for high speed access. Many businesses are now needing to enhance the speed and resilience of their data services because of their reliance on critical, cloud based services. This can be achieved by bonding up to four circuits into a single uplink using the KBR1645.

Until now, carrier grade access routers with built-in and bondable xDSL modems have been difficult to obtain or prohibitively expensive. The KBR1645 removes these barriers as well as providing industry leading throughput even with services enabled, rigorous Quality of Service, and full feature support.

Product Highlights:
• High performance 2 or 4 port ADSL / VDSL2 router
• Up to 400Mbps downstream using MLPPP bonding
• VDSL2 profile 17a support
• Low cost alternative to FTTP
• Comprehensive carrier grade L2 & L3 features
• Constantly evolving, reliable & flexible

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