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ADTRAN Fuels Cloud-Based Services Differentiation with Open APIs

Programming interface makes it easy for service providers and third-party developers to customise application and service offerings

Aug. 31, 2015 – ADTRAN®, Inc., today announced its Open Application Programming Interface (API) is gaining momentum in enabling service orchestration, customisation and analytics through third-party platforms. ADTRAN offers a complete RESTful (Representational State Transfer) API within its broadband, enterprise and Wi-Fi access portfolios. As a result, the company makes it easy for a diverse ecosystem of service providers, channel partners, enterprises and third-party developers to create unique customer applications, differentiate network services and automate network operations to save time and increase revenue.

Many service providers are challenged by the complexity associated with implementing, scaling and creating customised services that address individual customer demands. Traditional Wi-Fi solution vendors open some API features such as presence, captive portal and guest access, and broadband infrastructure providers are moving towards open APIs as part of their SDN initiatives. ADTRAN provides a fully open RESTful API that supports advanced flexibility in service automation to improve operational efficiency; service orchestration to deliver better user-experiences; and analytics to gain insight on network usage and users.

For example, a NY-based art school leveraged the ADTRAN Open API to create a device registration portal so its students can safely register game consoles, smart TVs and other connected devices on the school’s wireless network. This capability gives the school an extended clear view into what devices are on the network and helps them better provision bandwidth and network traffic. Additionally, a nationwide service provider is using the Open API to allow customers to centralise the management and provisioning of any wireless access point at any location, eliminating the need for manual intervention from the service provider or the customers’ network administrators.

“ADTRAN has a long history of providing solutions and services that automate and simplify service delivery and create new revenue opportunities. We are helping our customers create a flexible networking environment in order to boost profit margins and reduce turn up time for new services,” said Chris Thompson, director of product management for ADTRAN. “Differentiated network applications that can be layered on top of services like Wi-Fi, VoIP and Ethernet are playing a more fundamental role for businesses in every vertical across the world. ADTRAN empowers the creation of these highly-differentiated and innovative applications that inspire loyalty and capture new customers.”

ADTRAN supports Open RESTful APIs within the company’s vWLAN, Carrier Ethernet, FTTdp and FTTP access solution portfolios, including:

  • ADTRAN Bluesocket Series Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi Access Points (APs)
  • ADTRAN NetVanta 8424 Series 10 Gbps Multi-Service Edge Switch
  • ADTRAN 500 Series Outdoor Optical Networking Units
  • ADTRAN FTTH “Universal” ONT Portfolio, also supporting an open broadband interface

ADTRAN, Inc. is a leading global provider of networking and communications equipment. ADTRAN’s products enable voice, data, video and Internet communications across a variety of network infrastructures. ADTRAN solutions are currently in use by service providers, private enterprises, government organisations, and millions of individual users worldwide.

The Kenton Group are a partner of ADTRAN. For more information contact us on +44(0)1322 552000 or email us.

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