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Actelis Enters Industrial Ethernet Switching Market – Bringing High Performance Bandwidth to More Places For Vertical Markets

FREMONT, Calif; Actelis Networks, the high performance broadband over copper company, announces its expansion into new vertical markets with a purpose-built Industrial Ethernet switching portfolio. Actelis will target operators of intelligent traffic systems, surveillance, business and metro government campus networks, plus sell into select applications in railway, pipeline, and utility networks.

The new portfolio is comprised of compact, purpose-built, environmentally hardened industrial Ethernet switches featuring DIN rail mounts and bonded copper and fibre backhaul. It also supports the interfaces, protocols, and options in terminal servers and Power over Ethernet (PoE) that are required for these verticals. Compatible with Actelis’ ML2300 and ML230 series aggregation units, the Industrial Ethernet platforms offer network operators unprecedented flexibility and cost optimisation.

Actelis’ depth of expertise in ultra-reliable high speed Layer 1 transmission over copper combined with purpose-built industrial Ethernet switching gives network operators the flexibility to place HD cameras, intelligent sensors, environmental controls, kiosks, electronic signs, and WiFi base stations at ideal locations. Connecting equipment via the Industrial Ethernet switches is easy, because Actelis’ innovative and widely deployed broadband over copper technology enables getting all the reliable bandwidth required quickly and easily, without requiring more costly or complex installation of new fibre or wireless backhaul.

High performance broadband over copper is the secret to cost optimising and accelerating the build-out of transport for intelligent networks. Copper twisted pairs are available almost everywhere, unlike fibre – and those twisted pairs can be used at a small fraction of the cost and time required to run new fibre. Using copper also frequently offers a much better combination of simplicity, time to market, reliable performance and security than do wireless-based technologies.

But this is only true when using the kind of ultra-reliable Layer 1 transport which Actelis’ field-proven EFMplus™ suite of Layer 1 copper transmission technologies provides. Actelis uses standards-based G.SHDSL bonded copper augmented by patented innovations; the technology includes dynamic crosstalk cancellation, coordinated link calibration, external noise mitigation, dynamic spectral shaping, and line optimisation to enable network operators to get more bandwidth over greater distances using copper.

“We enable network operators get more bandwidth where it is needed, more quickly, cost effectively, and reliably than ever before,” states David Dunphy, VP of Marketing for Actelis Networks. “That value proposition strongly resonates in our new vertical markets every bit as much as it does with our traditional telecom customers.”

“The initial resonance our Industrial Ethernet products have achieved, and the close development synergies between Actelis’ traditional products and the new purpose-built Industrial portfolio, makes our expansion into additional vertical markets a natural fit with our mission and a logical growth engine for the company,” states Tuvia Barlev, Actelis’ CEO.

In a separate, related press release today, Actelis Networks will announce the availability of the first two products in its new industrial Ethernet portfolio.

About Actelis

Actelis Networks, the leader in high performance broadband over copper, makes G.SHDSL and VDSL2-based Ethernet First Mile (EFM) over Copper Ethernet Access Devices, innovative VDSL and ADSL broadband amplifiers that extend the bandwidth and distance capabilities of any DSLAM, and Industrial Ethernet switches. Enabling reliable delivery of high speed Ethernet services and broadband access to more customers and the back-hauling of Ethernet from more locations, Actelis turns copper into the strategic asset that optimises networks with a better mix of cost, time to market, reliability and security than fibre, microwave, or other wireless technologies can provide.

The Kenton group are a partner of Actelis Networks. For more information contact us on +44(0)1322 552000 or email us.

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