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John Larkin

Welcome to our website and thank you for taking the time to read these words.

Over the last four decades, I have been incredibly proud of the work we do for our customers and thankful for our dedicated employees, partnerships, and customers that have accompanied us on the journey.

I look forward to having you join us on this next phase of our growth, and we look forward to providing you with a new opportunity to help your business innovate, transform and evolve.

John Larkin

The Kenton Group

The Kenton Group is the unified face of five focused business units: For over 40 years our success has been powered by our people, we aim to facilitate and enable transparent open relationships between our customers and strategic supply partners. As a network operator with in-house and field engineering teams, we have experienced the many challenges customers bring to the table. Our recommendations are not a simple sales solution, they are deeply rooted in an understanding of the complex connectivity challenges business face today. Four decades on from the beginning, our team continues the journey deploying and managing innovative connectivity solutions both in our own and customer’s networks. The team continue to focus on delivering complete access solutions maximising value for our customers. Today our portfolio extends from edge connectivity products to complex optical fibre technologies and associated managed service delivery options.

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Meet our team

Each of us a specialist in their respective fields and usually fielding a couple of additional skills and quirks that contribute to the technical and professionalism they display.

John Larkin
Managing Director
Che Smith
Chris Harris
Tracy Coker
Operations Manager
Chris McGuiness
Engineering Manager
Tony Sheppard
Design Engineer
Craig Crosbie
Manufacturing / Engineering Support
Steve Smith
Portal Team Lead
David Larkin
NOC Engineer
James Kenny
NOC & Field Engineer
Mark Cullender
Field Engineer
Jeremy Smith
Field Engineer
Barrie Corfield
QA / H&S
MIchael Biggs
Consultant Engineer
Mike Giles
IT Support & Compliance
Angela Colucci
Accounts Receivable
Karen Sutherland
Accounts Payable
Rob Duggan
Sales & Marketing
Gerry Hewit
Technical Sales

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